Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace

a fireplace constructed of stones

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  1. Did there used to be an old house around it? I wish I could have seen that!

  2. You know what Kathy youe can't lave anything lying around these days, build a house and what do you know ,someone takes it leaving you with just a fire place, it's just not on...

    Cheers Mark

  3. Fabulous fireplace! I wonder what the house looked like.

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    I should have posted a bit about the fireplace. It does look kind of strange just standing in the middle of the field - and it is HUGE!

    Is is part of the boy scout camp that I have been posting photos of over the past couple of Wordless Wednesdays.

    This two-sided fireplace was in the main lodge, which burned down many, many years ago, leaving just this big, gorgeous structure behind.

    It was constructed in the 1800's. It is still quite usable even though it hasn't been in many years.

  5. What a neat fireplace!

    My Wordless Wednesday post is up too! :)

  6. Looks like it's probably made of field stone. It's a wonderful structure.


  7. Bobbie - I believe it is - we have these types of rocks everywhere. It always amazes me how they piece them together so perfectly - it's definitely an art!

  8. What a beautiful fireplace! My first thought was 'Where's the house?' but you answered that. :)

  9. Beatuful stone fireplace, Kathy! I love old barns and outbuildings and firepits and the remains of historic homes and such....

  10. Kathy, I think I saw one of those in side the house, lol. Did the house disappear, lol. Anna :) Very nice as always.


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