Friday, October 26, 2007

Green Hosta

This is a macro shot of Green Hosta leaves from the garden.

macro of green hosta leaves

My mother in law shared five of these roots with me many years ago. They are a green and white variegated hybrid of the Hosta.

They have grown each summer into beautiful large cream colored leaves with dark green edges. All five have grown larger each year with these colors - until this summer.

One of the end clusters decided this year to go back to it's origins, and grew as only green leaves - no cream colors at all. The leaves were bigger than the variegated ones and the green is a lighter color.

I have seen this happen with several hybrid rose plants over the years also - they go back to their origins - the dominant genes taking over.

I wonder sometimes if the cold winters affect them or if it is just nature taking its course.

It will be interesting next summer to see if any of the remaining four hostas follow the one on the end.

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  1. I'm not a hybrid, at least I don't define myself that way. (Some people do think human males and human females are different species). But I someimes wonder if I will become more true to my origin over time - or if all my changes have taken a firm hold.

  2. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog! The photographs are spectacular and I like your commentary as well. Thanks for sharing so much beauty in your pictures.

  3. Ha ha Annie! I think that all my changes have taken a firm hold - and I bet my husband would second that!

  4. Thanks for the visit, Timothy, and I appreciate your kind words.

  5. Kathy, this is so perfect, which is hard to find sometimes. I think I have hostas too, lol, I noticed that if you bring fresh soil and flip soil around, just revives the plant. I have not done this for some other plants, and they thinned out every year until nothing came back one day. Oh well. Anna :)

  6. Cool post, interesting how they change colors like that, learn something new everyday, beautiful pic as usual.

  7. Hi Anna - yes, the plants like the fresh soil - gives them new nutrients. These guys just get bigger each year - I will have to think about thinning them out at some point.

  8. Lovely shot and post about these lush sunlit leaves. Nature is so full of mystery, and just when we think we have learned something, she contradicts herself!

  9. Great macro. Wish I knew more about the plants to really comment.
    It will be interesting to see what next year brings.

  10. Gorgeous photo and great post!!!

    Hugs, JJ

  11. I don't know this plant. Thank you for the introduction.

    The photo is very interesting (above and beyond its subject, per se) as only macro photos can be, revealing textures and details otherwise overlooked.

  12. Thanks, Bobbie - macro is the best kind!

  13. I tried hostas once but they died. I definately don't have a green thumb. Your picture is beautiful!


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