Sunday, June 14, 2009

Even the Feet

Even the Feet

bare feet in the water and sand

I didn't give them much thought at all, but in hindsight I really should have.

It has been many years since I have worn the skirts and dresses that are hanging in the closet.

Having worked in a bank for many years before, I have been lucky enough to work out of my home for the last ten years - jeans and sweats and shorts are all that I need now.

Until today that is.

We needed to attend a funeral today, and knowing that what was in the closet was not going to fit no matter how hard I tried, I broke down and purchased a new outfit.

Now, I also have pumps, heels, and flats to go with all those dresses and skirts.

All dressed and ready to go, I reached in for my black flats.

Yikes! I don't know what happened to them - there was no way my feet were going in them.

On to the next pair - low pumps that might work with my outfit.

No luck there either.

My favorite pair of well- worn heels were my last choice, and they just barely made it on - good thing that the pantyhose were smooth and silky.

So let this be a warning - when the weight goes on - it isn't just the waistline and the behind that increase in size.

The feet do to!


  1. You have my fullest sympathy, Kathy. Er, uh, make that "empathy," as I find myself in the same boat all 'round! (pun intended).

    I like your sandal lines--very decorative, lol...

  2. You are so right about the feet I have shoes from over the years depending on my weight that sometimes fit and sometimes don't and also my hands and fingers also go up and down, weird.

  3. Before kids i was a lovely size 2 wi'm a lovely shoe size of 8, we won't mention the dress size LOL!

  4. I almost always wear skirts, find them far more comfortable than pants, and I guess they must fit me better. I get hot easily skirts are better that way. I do wear a few pair of shorts, and capri's but generally choose a skirt when I can. I like to dress when we go to dinner and so have kept up ok on that type of thing, but hate, hate hate....really HATE the new shoe styles. I am not gonna wear those awful high high heels, I'm just not. I don't care house sexy they say they are. There's nothing sexy about someone wearing shoes that cause pain.

    Sadly, I've been too far too many funerals lately, so my wardrobe for that is stocked. My Mother's, a Friend, My nephew's wives grandmother, and a couple of co-workers. Enough already.

    You're right though, people do often over look the feet.


  5. Kathy you are so funny. I love being comfortable lol too. I hate high heels with passion. And once I gave out photos over few months to my brother, his response was 'Anna you wearing the same thing on those pictures' - I replied: 'I love uniforms! and don't bother me, lol'. Anna :)


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