Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weighing Our Options

Weighing Our Options

the turn knob of a small scale

I use a desktop computer for all my daily work and to process my photos.

I have had this PC for over six years now, and it is getting pretty full - even with the two external hard drives I have attached to it.

I have been giving thought to a laptop computer this time and have done some searching around.

When I Compare Notebooks to Desktops, I have found the prices to be pretty much the same.

There is also not a big difference with what each one has to offer for memory, storage, and speed.

Since I will be going for a more robust system than the normal computer user, I really need to shop around for the the best deal.

Processing photos uses a lot of memory and a fast processor is a must - those are the most costly things in a new system.

We will continue to weigh our options to see what is best for us.


  1. Hey Kathy, there was a time when laptops were way more expensive, but now feature for feature there isn't all that much difference, good luck with your hunt, I couldn't do without mine. Love how you tie in your image with the post.

  2. Cant go wrong with a "Duo 2 Core" Two processors on eone computer...You will love it!!

  3. I know some people are happy to process photos on a laptop but I have never liked the screens on them for my work - so much depends on the angle of the screen which is different every time you open/close it. One option, if you really want to go for a laptop, is to get a large normal monitor for working at home and just plug the laptop in there - best of both worlds then :-)


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