Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hand Tied Flies

Hand Tied Flies

a tray of colorful hand tied fishing flies

I have seen many hand tied flies for fly fishing, but I have never seen such a beautiful collection as the ones in this tray.

The ones I have seen in the past are usually the small ones tied on a tiny hook, and the colors are usually shades of brown and dark green.

These fluffy, brightly colored flies are huge - some are on double hooks.

The feathers are just beautiful and they are tied perfectly to make the shape of the insect the artist is portraying.

After adding some hair or fur or some shiny threads, the artist either paints an eye or glues one on the end.

I am told the flies can be dried after being used, and can be reused many times.

If they were mine, I couldn't bear the thought of getting them wet, much less chomped on by a hungry fish.

I have a few other images that I will post later - some macros that show the fine details.


  1. How beautiful they are. Each is like a miniature work of art.


  2. Really like this one. Here in Arkansas, people generally go bass fishing, but you've got a few trout fishers out there. They are a dedicated, obsessive lot -- just look at the detail on those flies!

    The Natural State Hawg


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