Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Purple Wildflower

Purple Wildflower for Green Thumb Sunday

macro of a purple wild flower

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I found these pretty little wildflowers growing by the ocean.

Not sure what kind they are, but they are tiny and a beautiful shade of light purple.

They didn't have any scent, and they grew along a stem, one bloom at a time.

A few inches up the stem, there would be another bloom. They weren't attracting any bees or bugs, so they could not have been big pollen makers.

If anyone knows what they are called, I would love to know their name.


  1. No clue what those are, but that sure is a pretty blue!

  2. They are a beautiful color. No idea of the identity--I can hardly keep up with my cactus id's! Happy GTS,

  3. Nothing here like that, but they are so cool, nice shot Kathy.

  4. That is a Chicory blossom. They are one of my favorites. :)


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