Friday, July 25, 2008

Fitness Sandals

Fitness Sandals

There is a new kind of footwear on the market, and they look to be very comfortable.

They are designed to help you tone and trim your leg muscles as you walk.

They are called Fit flops and they are built with a work-out enhancing effect that actually helps you loose weight.

You are using your calf and thigh muscles to help you keep balance while walking in these wobbleboard engineered shoes.

By using these muscles more, you are burning more calories that in effect helps drop the pounds.

Sounds like you get twice as much out of a walking workout - what a great incentive to get moving!


  1. Hey Kathy great shot, they do look comfy, what a great idea for loosing some weight.

  2. I might consider these if they didn't have the strap between the toes!

  3. I can imagine my feet flying after wearing these footwear.

  4. Kathy, wow these are nice, I would love to see those on my feet, especially these days, when I walk with Matthew around the bed for about 1/2 hour when putting him to sleep, lol, I think I am seeing a trail marks on the carpet, lol. Anna :)

  5. I know a handful of people with these, and they work great. Not so much for losing weight....but for toning out your legs


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