Sunday, July 6, 2008

Colorful Striped Socks

Colorful Striped Socks

colorful striped toe socks

Need an original accessory for your next Costumes party? Well, I just might have the answer for you.

Digging deep in my sock drawer, I rediscovered a pair of toe socks that I had rescued from the recycle bag that my daughter was putting them in.

They were given to her as a gift, but since they reminded her of "clown socks" she was not going to wear them.

That's when she gave me the idea - several years ago of course, and forgotten until they were found in the drawer.

A clown would sure appreciate these beauties - nice bright colors and wide stripes.

They would be great for a teen or an adult, and don't forget to show off those colorful toes when you where them with a pair sandals!


  1. I found those toe socks extremely uncomfortable. I can't wear thongs, either. My little piggies must be free! :-)

  2. waterrose i handed them to angelika :)

  3. Great picture of the toe socks but I can't wear them on a day like today. Its 110F. or 43.33 C. outside today. My toes need to be completely free. Haven't gone outside...its just too darn hot!!!

  4. Hey Kathy, reminds me of the days when my kids wore them, cool pic, thanks for the memories.

  5. Oh I wish I had set of those, that way me and my baby we can play. Anna :)


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