Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Zippy

Z is for Zippy.............

running on the baseball field

Practice is most important for any sport, and sometimes we spend a couple of hours at a local park so the boys can practice throwing and catching with the Lacrosse sticks.

I tend to stand at a distance, or behind the fencing when they get the chance to practice on the empty baseball field.

If you have ever hefted a lacrosse ball then you understand my actions.

They are heavy and quite solid - hardly any kind of bounce in them.

I am not about to be around those flying balls as they are "zipping" around the field, dodging each other as they try to aim their throws.

Injuries are sure to be had - the last one was a black eye as the ball hit one of them squarely on the right one. Swelled up quick and the color lasted for a week.

Helmets with face guards are required during games, but wearing one when they are just "playing around" is too much to ask!


  1. Yes Lacrosse is a very dangerous game.
    Great Z photo.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Oh, I'm with you on this! I know how hard lacrosse balls are...and I would stay WEEEEELLLLL away from them zipping about in the air! lol

  3. I watched a match once, couldn't believe how fast they "zip" the ball around the field, great shot Kathy !!

  4. I know absoultely nothig about lacrosse. Well, I guess I know that it has heavy hard balls.

  5. Looks great fun!
    Helmet essential!

  6. You made it through the whole alphabet, so what is next, back to A?

  7. I've only ever seen Lacrosse in movies - I think it'd be fun to see it in person though! :)

  8. Lol, I love your z for zippy photo, and is it too much to ask, of course it is,lol


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