Sunday, June 1, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Pink Hollyhock

Pink Hollyhock for Green Thumb Sunday

pink hollyhock in the summer

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These pretty little Pink Hollyhocks are so fragile.

The color was gorgeous - a creamy center with light pink edges.

They didn't have a very strong scent - just a light sweet smell.

Most of the blooms had passed on this plant.

I was happy to have caught this one in all it's glory.


  1. I love hollyhocks! When I was a kid...a long LONG time ago, I'd pick bunches of them and then use string and make a lei.

    My Green Thumb is posted, won't you join me? Hope your weekend is great so far.

  2. Oh, it really looks fragile and that is a very dreamy looking photo of it. Quite romantic actually :-)

  3. What a beautiful photo!

    Thanks for sharing, and happy GTS!

  4. Nice photo -- you captured the delicate pink of the flower very well. Happy GTS. Good Acres.

  5. Very pretty. I didn't know they had a scent. Happy GTS,

  6. oh what lovely colours and a great capture too. Happy GTS

  7. beautiful flower Kathy !!!
    just 'dropping' by to say hi :)

  8. Hi there, thank you very much for consistently dropping in my entrecard. Your blog is one of the top droppers for the month of May 2008. If you are interested to check your name, just click here.

  9. It's beautiful, Kathy! Thanks for sharing it!

  10. When I was growing up, my aunt had hollyhocks in her garden. I've always liked them. This is a very pretty shot.



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