Monday, June 9, 2008

A Chiming Clock

A Chiming Clock

inside of a chiming clock

We have had many wind-up seven day clocks through the years. Some have had the most beautiful chimes on the hour and half hour, and even some on the quarter hour.

It is comforting during the night to hear the ticking and the chiming once you have gotten used to it.

My grandmother gave me a beautiful mantel clock that I still have to this day. It belonged to her grandmother, and each time I wind it I think of the loving hands that kept it working all these years.

The smell of the oils that keep the internal mechanisms properly functioning have not diminished, and the old finish has seen much polishing and cleaning through the years.

I remember the cuckoo clock we had growing up - we had to pull the weighted chains each morning and evening to keep it running - and it cuckooed the hours for years.

One of my favorite clocks was a grandfather clock that stood at the end of my Aunt's hallway.

It's deep, rich chime resonated through the house on the hour, with shorter chimes on the half and quarter hours.

This clock had been in her husband's family for years, and it had been passed on to them at their marriage.

Someday, when I have the room, I would love to own a beautiful grandfather clock with a warm oak finish that chimed the hours with it's deep, rich voice.

Of all the different kinds of clocks we have had through the years, the grandfather clocks are my favorite style of chiming clock.


  1. My parents had a grandfather clock they received as a wedding gift that was over fifty years old and that was in 1940, sadly it was destroyed in a flood about twenty years after they were married.

    My older sisters loved the melody of it and said they have never found anything that could duplicate it !!

  2. I miss having a clock like that in the house. You'd think it would be annoying, the regular chiming or cuckooing, but it wasn't. It was just part of the background noise of home and on the odd occasion the clock didn't get wound, we knew it!

  3. I agree, Bernie - the sound is so beautiful - especially the older ones. That is sad to hear about the clock.

  4. HI Jennifer - yes, we counted on that cuckoo clock during the night. It was before we had an electric clock that lit up at night, so it was good to know the time. We never found it annoying!

  5. Cool post Kathy, we used to have a chiming clock, loved the tic tock, very soothing, would one day love a large grandfather clock as well.


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