Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Tomatoes

T is for Tomatoes .......

a bowl of red cherry tomatoes

This little bunch of cherry tomatoes was so sweet!

When buying them at the supermarket, they are one of few varieties that actually look good enough to eat.

Most of the supermarket tomatoes are light red colored and have the texture of cardboard as you saw through them to prepare them.

In the winter, these little ones are the only kind that are worth buying.

Another month or so and we should have some fresh local ones around at the farmers markets and stands.

I can't wait!


  1. Those sure look great and they do taste awesome in salads. Here in Texas we have contaminated ones now and there is a salmonella warning on the Romas and the regular size. So we are warned to be very careful with them.

  2. very beautiful red tomatoes

  3. A really healthy an delicious T (not to mention picturesque).

  4. I am not a big fan of the cherry tomatoe but set a big one in front of me and yummy! I always look forward to summer and fresh ones from the garden (or in my case since I live in an apt. the local farmers market). Great shot of the one you have for this week T post though!

  5. Oh I like tomatoes very much! And your photo is PERFECT! It's full of life and joy! GREAT really! Congratulations!

  6. Hi, KML

    I like your blog. It is exactly the content that I have in mind for my blog too. DO you want to trade links?


  7. Great choice for ABC Wednesday. Most storebought tomatoes don't taste like anything at all. I hope to grow tomatoes next season. Just didn't get to it this year.

  8. Perfect for those future summer salads!! YUM!!

  9. I agree with you--there's nothing like fresh, local tomatoes! YUM!

  10. Unbelievable color saturation! Wow.


  11. Oh, they look so good. I can almost taste them as you describe them, but the photo makes them look like little jewels.


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