Sunday, January 20, 2019

Puppy Profile

We got this little sweetheart of a puppy dog about a year and half ago when she was six months old.

She is a Yorkie-poo, a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a small Poodle.

We had a large breed dog many years ago right after we were married, and he lived to be thirteen.

He has been gone for over twenty years, and I wasn't so certain I really wanted another dog.

All the shedding, the smell, the care, and expense of a large animal wasn't something I really looked forward to at this point in our lives.

I always figured cats were the way to go for a pet - they were better able to care for themselves, and a purring kitty is very calming and soothing.

But then, I met, Mya.

She's tiny - about 12 pounds.

She has hair, not fur, so she doesn't shed.

Her weekly showers keep her ever so soft and oh so clean.

She follows us everywhere - inside and out.

Going for a ride is one of her favorite things.

And she is most entertaining in her playing and prancing about.

Those bright eyes and that wagging plume of a tail show us her love.

This little soul makes me laugh, and brings such joy into our lives.

I really don't know how we got along without her all these years.

She is such a gem, and a more perfect match for our home could not be found.

Life is good with this little puppy dog!

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