Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ABC Wednesday - X is for Xography

X is for Xography..........

 a tiger swallowtail butterfly in a lilac


A new word for today - Xography.

Which means: photographic process for producing three-dimensional images.

 Now, I do not have any equipment that does this.

And this photo has nothing to do that with that process either.

But I can't help thinking how pretty this one would be if it was three-dimensional.


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  1. new word for me too
    Rog, ABC WEDNESDAY team

  2. This would look super. I have just bought a new camera that has a 3D setting. Of course, I would have to have 3D capability on my tv to see it displayed!!

  3. I can use my imagination and certainly see this lovely picture in 3D.....Good job.

  4. You might want to check out my post this week on x-ray photography. 3D would be amazing, too!

    abcw team


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