Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Garden Helper

A Garden Helper


This past summer I had a helper in my pot of basil.

She hid under the leaves during the heat of the day, and in the evenings, she would appear on top of the leaves.

The spray from the watering hose would send her scurrying back under, but as soon as it stopped she reappeared.

She wasn't afraid of me, and I didn't bother her.

She worked at keeping the pesky bugs away.

My basil grew beautifully, and she had her family in the hosta plants below the basil pot.

We both lived peacefully with each other - being that she stayed outside.

If she had been inside, well, I can't say she would have raised a family.

Everything works well when we all respect each other's space!

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  1. Wow nice photo, that garden helper is very useful, at first you will be scared by the way it looks and then I am surprised by how it kill pesty bugs, nice post!

    Zero Dramas


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