Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Castle Lighthouse - My World

New Castle Lighthouse - My World

new castle lighthouse on a gray day
 It was a very gray day the last time we visited the ocean in the spring.
And from what the weatherman is saying, it will be this time we go too.
I don't  mind the gray as long is there is no rain.
It just doesn't go with the camera equipment, and I am so itching to use my new camera at the ocean.
My fingers are crossed it holds off until the afternoon.
Wish me luck!

MWT White


  1. Awesome picture. I think the grey weather makes the lighthouse pop out more.

  2. gorgeous pictures. I sure do hope the rain holds off for you

  3. Love the photo the gray weather gives a little mystery. Good Luck


  4. Nice photos. love lighthouses


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