Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ABC Wednesday - O is for Owl

O is for Owl............

an owl sleeping in a tree during a snowstorm

Back in February, I had a surprise visit one morning during a snow storm.
I posted about my owl visitor back then, and I showed a photo of him looking in the window at me.
But I saved this one especially for this round of ABC Wednesday.
He sat in that spot on the branch for about three hours.
In a snow storm, of all things.
He was so patient, but there were times he just couldn't help himself from falling asleep.
Usually he was bent way over, his head hanging down.
But I caught him before he started to droop this time.
He did a lot of napping that morning, but he didn't miss when the little mole he had been waiting for made its appearance.
I haven't seen him since that morning, but I often hear him hooting in the night and early morning.

This is the eighth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.

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