Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ivy and Circle Window for Green Thumb Sunday

Ivy and Circle Window for Green Thumb Sunday

green ivy on a brick building with round windows

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The Strawbery Banke area in Portsmouth, NH is steeped in history. History that dates back to the late 1600's when the first settlers began arriving to this country.

I grew up in this area, and it has always been one of my favorite places to go back to every now and then.

One used to be able to stroll through the grounds and around the cobblestone walkways, but this has been stopped in the last 20 years or so.

It is now all fenced up and it costs to get into the grounds - and forget getting into any of the old houses.

This is a sad thing for those of us who would take an evening stroll to enjoy the quiet and history of yesteryear all those years ago.

This photo is of a house that is not on the Strawbery Banke grounds.

It is just a street away and is still in the historical area.

Plenty of old brick buildings are there, and this one had a couple of unique windows.

Notice the door that closes over the round window - the whole thing reminds me of a captain's wheel on an old ship.

And the way the green ivy is slowly creeping up the side of the roof just adds to the charm of the whole scene.

Most think the ivy is a nuisance, but on these old buildings it just looks like it belongs there.

What to you think about the ivy?


  1. I'm very fond of ivy on buildings - especially on older buildings like that.

    I really like the composition of this image - the off-center positioning of the peak of the roofline within the frame complements the positioning of the round window in the wall of the building. It's very pleasing to the eye.

  2. I love the building, window and ivy. There are some historical, lovely areas in Ohio that I loved visiting...just to close my eyes and pretend I was back in that older time. They have also made them place to pay to see ...I understand their need for funding to keep them in shape, but it does take a bit of the charm away.

  3. Hi Bobbie - I love the ivy, especially the way it creeps along the bricks. I wish I had had more time - this building was so photgenic!

  4. Hi Rose - I do understand the need for funding for the upkeep - which is huge for these old buildings. It just used to be nice to be able to stroll around them though. Glad to have had that experience!

  5. Kathy, ivey is nice, but I don't really like stuff that grows on the side of the walls, as probably attracts bugs to the house. However, I have ivy growing in my garden, and funny thing it survived many winters, still green almost like a cactus, lol. Excellent photo as always. Anna :)


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