Sunday, May 24, 2009

Transformed into a Park

Transformed into a Park

green ivy on a brick building with round windows

I remember this area about 40 years ago, and I wish I had a photo of it from back then.

This image is such a complete opposite of what it looked like all those years ago.

It was the waterfront back then, and that area was not the place to go unless one wanted trouble.

There was a park further back from this section, but one would never set a foot beyond it - the dingy buildings, dirty waterfront, seedy characters, and an occasional rat along the rocks were enough to scare any one.

I would say that the town must have purchased the rest of the land adjacent to the park and turned the whole area into quite a beautiful and peaceful spot.

A place for families to spend an afternoon and tourists to enjoy a quiet respite.

Change has made it so inviting and pleasing with good vibes for all who visit.

I could certainly feel them as I strolled through these beautiful grounds - in awe of the changes and most happy for them.


  1. A beautiful lush green carpet of grass adorns the waterfront now... I am happy that they had cleaned it up and now it's tourist friendly and people are no longer afraid to visit it... it really does look lovely!!

  2. Your image makes it look very inviting - a nice place to spend some time near the seafront.


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