Friday, October 10, 2008

The Shadow

The Shadow

a shadow on the road of two people on a motorcycle

This one was taken many years ago - long before personal computers and digital cameras were even a thought.

My camera has always been at my side. As a teenager I took a lot of teasing, but it never discouraged me - "you just never know what you are going to see" has been my motto from the first day I held one.

I remember the day we took this shot. When using film, you had to get what you wanted in a couple of frames - it was too expensive to waste too many shots.

It was my husband's idea, and we had it all planned out.

First, we would find a not too traveled road at the right time of the day so it would cast a nice shadow.

Since we wanted to be moving to create the action effect on the tar, we practiced different speeds.

And I couldn't be holding on to him and the camera at the same time - it was too heavy for just one hand.

We removed our motorcycle helmets as they didn't look too great in the shadow.

As for the motorcycle jackets - I kept mine on, and he removed his so it would give us some space in between us so we didn't look like one giant blob on the bike.

Going slow enough that his motorcycle boots were barely skimming the pavement's surface, my husband carefully guided us along as I snapped off two frames.

This one ended up being the better of the two, and using a slide scanner I was able to make a digital image of it.

It is a great memory!


  1. This is a really cool picture! I like it a lot!

  2. Thats so GREAT, Kathy! I love it very much, you captured the essence of the subject!

  3. Okay that is very cool, and I don't know how you camera guys did photography before digital,lol, it would have cost me an arm and a leg in film, then there would have been the waiting, yikes.

  4. Susanne - It's great to see you again! Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the photo.

  5. I remember it well, Bob - It was so expensive! Digital is the best!

  6. That's a very cool photo. And I loved reading about the thought and work that went into capturing it.

  7. What a great photo and memory! And what a patient hubby to work with you on the shot.

  8. What an AWESOME shadow capture. I always love your photography shots. :D

    Cheers, JJ

  9. Love it and how I wish my hubby was home more to help me with shots.
    happy week end:-)

  10. Beautiful abstract in deed.

    Wonderful shot

  11. Very cool photo. Hubby and I sold our motorcycle two years ago. I cried.

  12. Well done, Kathy. Brings home how often a good shot takes planning!

    The lines on the road add interest!

  13. Thanks for taking out an add with me. Oh my I still wish I rode too!!:-)


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