Sunday, October 5, 2008

Large Green Leaf for Green Thumb Sunday

Large Green Leaf for Green Thumb Sunday

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We stopped at a country auction one Sunday afternoon, and as the boys we checking the outdoor items, I was wandering around the grounds.

Other than tons of people and lots of stuff, there wasn't too much that caught my interest until I saw the only plant around, besides the grass and trees.

In a beer barrel planter, just outside the large tent, I found a huge plant with huge, thick leaves.

There were no flowers, and there were only about five leaves, but they grew taller than me.

Their vein patterns were quite vivid, and the green color was like an artist had painted them.

I don't know what they are, and I would say it is an annual plant since the barrel looked like it had been there for several years.

I got a few sideways glances as I stood behind this plant, photographing these large leaves up close - but in my opinion, I got the deal of the day with this one!


  1. I really love the photo. It is always amazing to me how beautiful nature is if we can only take the time to stop and enjoy it. All too often I spend my days worried about work, family, and getting the next paycheck. Thanks for posting and letting us share your moment.

  2. Interesting picture could it be a castor bean?

  3. I really love this. Really nice composition.

  4. Love the vein patterns too Kathy, and the green is super,lol what we photo people will do for a shot.

  5. Kathy you have excellent eye for such details. Great capture. Anna :)

  6. the leaf's kind looks familiar..i just don't know if my assumption is right. nice shot!

  7. It is just perfect. I love the light shinning through it.


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