Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Fashion

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a middle age lady, my dress style is very conservative.

Come to think of it though, even as a younger lady, I also tended to dress conservatively.

My husband has been after me for years to add some bright colors and different styles of clothing to my wardrobe.

Little by little I have been taking his advice on the colors, but old habits are hard to break on the styles.

Before the holidays I was sent a couple pairs of No nonsense tights and leggings to try out.

I love the tights.  For years I have only used nylons and haven't tried a pair of tights since I was a little girl.

I was sent a pair of Espresso colored ones that are very comfortable with a waistband that stays in place perfectly.

I will keep my eyes open for an off-white pair like the ones in the above image - I love that outfit and would love to try something on like that - even at my age.

But utilizing what I have in my wardrobe, I was able to put together an outfit that was just right for the holidays.

No nonsense also sent me a pair of bright red, or Apple Red, Corduroy Leggings.

Well, my husband was thrilled to see them - he thought that color was going to be just right for me.

I was very excited to try them out - they were going to be perfect for this time of the year.

Warm and stylish at the same time with a very comfortable feel and look to them.

Well, they certainly lived up to my expectations - they were extremely comfortable and I loved the feel of the cotton blend fabric.

And checking out some of the other colors of leggings, I found that they are very affordable.

Since I can find them in many drug, food, and retail stores, I can select the colors and styles I want when I want them.

And the new face for No nonsense, fashion expert, Jill Martin,  is as axcited as I am about this new product.  

Check them out for yourselves, Ladies, I am sure you will be pleased too.

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