Sunday, December 23, 2012

Surprise Visitor

For those that have followed my blog, you know that last spring we had an opossum problem.

They were living under our house, and we repeatedly set a have-a-heart trap to catch and relocate them.

After catching nine opossum, we caught two skunks and one very hairy and large raccoon.

We figured we caught all the opossum.

We started hearing noises again this fall and put the trap back into action.

The opossum have returned - but only one so far.

This morning we looked out the window to see the trap had sprung.

And what was in there?

A Blue Jay.

Having a fit and making his loud calls of protest at being caught.

And sitting on top of the trap was another one watching him flap back and forth inside.

Seventeen degrees was too cold for my camera and me, but what a sight it was.

He was set free and the trap is ready again - hopefully that bird learned his lesson.

And we can get back to relocating another opossum family - one by one.

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