Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ABC Wednesday - E is for Estuary

ABC Wednesday - E is for Estuary

The Great Bay Estuary is one of the largest estuaries along the Atlantic Coast.

It is broken apart into two areas - Little Bay and Great Bay.

This image was taken where Little Bay ends, and Great Bay begins.

Home to over 162 species of birds, fish, and plants, the estuary was once the commerce hub of many seacoast towns.

Pollution ended many of these activities in the mid 1900's.

Great Bay has a very dramatic tidal range - over 50% of the bay is exposed at low tide.

The tide was over 1/2 way in in the above image.


  1. nice pic....and info is dramatic (feet-wise) are these tides? and where is this?

  2. Very pretty there. And 50%? I don't live in a coastal area, but that seems like a *lot*!

  3. important conservation piece
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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