Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Clouds Reflection - Our World Tuesday

Autumn Clouds Reflection - Our World

autumn trees and clouds reflecting in the lake water
I have joined a new meme for this post.
For the past couple of years, I have posted in the My World Tuesday meme.
It was ended earlier this summer as the person who ran it, Klaus Peter, passed away.
Continuing in his tradition with this new meme, Our World Tuesday was begun about five weeks ago.
My first post shows our lake in the autumn in all her spendor.
She is beautiful in all seasons, and fall is my favorite.
Please join us in this mew meme by clicking the graphic below - all are welcome to visit us in Our World!

MWT White


  1. Absolutely stunning - love the colours and the composition.

  2. Such wonderful autumn colours doubled by the mirror of the lake.
    Thank you for posting on Our World.

  3. Gorgeous fall colours in that tree line, and the Cirrus clouds and their reflections in the lake are beautiful.
    A great photo, it would make a fascinating and probably frustrating jigsaw puzzle!


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