Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keep Those Photos Safe

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Carbonite Online Backup

One of the the first things that come to mind when a disaster strikes a home is the safety of all those in it.

Knowing that everyone is safe, the next thing that comes to mind is what is the most important material thing in it.

Most people will rush to the family photo albums - they are irreplaceable and must be saved.

These days, most us have our family photos stored on our computers.

And very seldom does anyone think of doing a computer backup up of these precious memories.

But if the computer gets compromised in any way, such as hard drive failure, virus infection, or even stolen, there go many of the files on it, either destroyed, corrupted, or deleted forever.

Carbonite, a company that provides online backup for PCs and Macs can help keep those photos and other document files safe.

They offer unlimited back up and it works automatically in the background each time the computer is connected to the internet.

Secure, unlimited, and automatic back-up is only $59 for a year, and if you use the code: BLOGAD, you get two months free with your purchase.

Once the files are online, you can access them from any internet device - a computer, iPhone, iPad, or Smartphone.

Keeping photos safe is often overlooked.  Online backup can keep them safe for the future generations.

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  1. keeping my photos especially the old ones from deteriorating is my biggest problem, the only option is to scan it and store it in a remote server or cd


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