Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Walkway in the Park - My World

Walkway in the Park - My World

walkway in the park in the autumn
Growing up, we would visit my grandmother who lived in an apartment right next to this park.
Since she had no backyard, we spent many hours here walking and playing.

When I visit it now, over forty years later, I see many of the changes, but I also remember those old days.
This is in the old original part of Portsmouth along the ocean front that I just love to visit.
Such history, and one can really feel the "days of old" here as you stroll along.

MWT White

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  1. This is such a lovely brick walk with the trees alongside. I, too, enjoy going back to places where I spent time as a child. Last night I was working with a shot I took of the leaves durning fall so we must be on the same wave length. Your capture is beautiful...I love the shadows of the almost bare tree against the few golden leaves on the walk. Lovely.


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