Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fancy Toes - My World

Fancy Toes - My World

a grate across a road culvert

Rather than an outdoor image, I thought I would share a different kind of photo for My World this week.

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I have finally gotten around to processing the images in my camera.

As a gift, my Aunt treated me to a pedicure - a first for me.

I was quite leery about this whole adventure - my toes are just not the kind that liked to be touched.

Way too ticklish and sensitive.

She bought me the "deluxe" version that included a massage and wraps for the legs.

Man, I felt like a queen with the hot water jetting around my feet, the chair giving my back a massage, and my legs chilling with warmth - tough to describe that feeling.

The lady's hands worked wonders on these old feet, then she topped it all of with polishing the toes.

And designing pretty little flowers on the big toes with a tiny paintbrush.

She even set a red stone in the center of each flower.

I felt spoiled for sure!

And you know, it has been a couple of weeks, we go swimming every night, and those toes still look just a fancy as when they were first done.

It was a perfect treat for the summer!

MWT White


  1. Kathy what adorable feet you have...flowers and shiny stones on your toenails and all...very very sweet...:)))

  2. Beautiful feet and wonderful blog as always! Though, I must say since I read your blog after writing mine, it gave me a fit of giggles. :D Hope you have a great week!

  3. Well, first, happy belated birthday, my friend. And golly, a pedicure! Never had one, nor a manicure. I have ugly feet. LOL. but gosh, you have the perfect feet and those nails are cute!! =)

  4. Very pretty! I have very ticklish feet also. The manicurist always laughs at me as I grit my teeth and try not to jump. LOL It is so worth it!

  5. You're feet look very pretty. I have always wondered about a pedicure. I'm a little shy about a stranger messing with my feet. Perhaps I should try it?

  6. wow you have a cute feet :) can I touch it? LOL the nail polish is beautiful

  7. What a wonderful gift! You do have nice looking feet. Happy belated birthday! My daughter wanted to give me such a gift but I have ticklish feet and had a facial instead.:)

  8. Hey Kathy you got beautiful feet! You know I once got pedicure done, wow I thought I was in heaven. Thanks for sharing, hope you are enjoying your summer and staying cool. Anna :)


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