Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cabin at the Lake

We spent some time this spring at a small recreation area that is formally a boy scout camp that dates back to the late 1800's. It is now owned by the town and open for all to enjoy.

log cabin porch

It is situated by a small pond that is just right for the kids to fish in or launch a canoe. There are several log cabins on the site and pictured above is the porch to one of them.

The architecture is unique and very rustic and the whole camp is well maintained. The main lodge for the campground burnt down many years ago and left the beautiful center fire place to stand as a sentinel in the field.

stone fireplace

The stone work in this massive structure is beautiful and meticulously placed. It is double sided and a fire can burn in a hearth on each side. A horseshoe for good luck adorns the cement on one side above the hearth. The other side has a diamond shaped stone in the center of the chimney.

horse shoe embossed in fireplace

Hopefully I can get back to this area in the late summer or early fall. It should be just right about then for a solitude stroll around the campground.

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