Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This is the first morning in almost a week that we have had no rain. It was a joy to see the sun.

The yellow Day Lilies and purple Columbines had been beaconing me to take their photos and I was afraid they would pass before the rain stopped.

I made it outside this morning and spent about 15 minutes with them before the clouds began rolling in again. The air was crisp and the wind was blowing through to dry everything up from the rain.

I was putting my lens cover back on when I noticed it had picked up a lot of dust and I tried to blow it off before placing it on the lens. That's when I discovered that every inch of my camera was covered with a fine layer of pollen.

I was not impressed as it was even in the lens barrel that moved in and out as I focussed the camera. Trying to brush it off only made it more "static", and it was clinging in clumps now and not coming off.

Using a dampened lens wipe removed most of it but I cannot help but think of all those little pollens that are still clinging to the inside of the lens barrel as it is impossible to get in there no matter how many times I bring it in and out.

Mental note made: Check on windy days for the blowing pollen and try to shelter the camera from it - especially this time of the year.

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