Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bird Feet - My World

Bird Feet - My World

gate blocking the field the field
 It was just a few minutes after we started swimming in the cold lake water.
A first year eagle started flying above us.
Swooping and gliding, he circled on the wind currents, his sharp eyes on the look-out for his dinner.
He continued until we reached the half way point in our swim, then he took off for home, unsuccessful in his fishing.
We finished our swim, keeping an eye on the sky.
Leaving the water and running for our warm towels, we caught him just above us again.
So back into the lake we went - man that water was so warm now.
We watched for another fifteen minutes until he headed for home, unsuccessful again.
He was a joy to watch, but unless mama eagle is still around to help him out, he will have an empty belly tonight.
The prints above are not his, but a set from another of the many birds that make the lake their home.

MWT White


  1. Calling by from My World, I am going to participate for the first time this week. Love the bird foot prints!


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