Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Young Gull - My World

Young Gull - My World

a young sea gull on a wood rail
He watched with a wary eye as we passed by - shifting from leg to leg but not taking flight.
We walked to the end of the dock - it was very long, and he was towards the beginning.
I kept my eye on him as we sat and took photos at that far end.
I didn't expect him to stay there the whole time.
But he did, and he posed ever so nicely on our return trip - the sun was at a much better direction heading this way.
He is a young gull - his feathers are still brown and white.
By next season he will sport the white and gray of his kind.
I wonder if he will still be as friendly when he matures.

MWT White


  1. Lovely shot. He looks so thoughtful...

  2. I love birds and flowers and trees and butterflies and clouds and oceans and lakes and springs - anything that's soothing and peaceful in nature - and makes me smile. Nice shot of a gull, thank you! :)

  3. He does seem patient. Maybe he thought if he stood real still you wouldn't notice him. :) Nice shot! Maybe next time you see him he'll have the confidence to put on a show.


  4. Thanks ladies, for stopping by!


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