Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Grate - My World

The Grate - My World

a grate across a road culvert

The crazy beaver that lives down the road is at it again.

He just can't help himself.

Pretty soon he will have the water over the road - again.

We keep an eye on his activities and try to adjust the grate across the culvert to keep the water flowing to prevent the mischief he likes to cause.

But I think he hears that water flowing too rapidly.

And it is not to his liking.

He comes and stops up the grate with more mud and sticks.

It won't be long until he has that grate packed solidly - then there will be no moving it.

The town will have come down with the backhoe and dig it all out.

And sooner or later they will hire someone to trap him.

If he would only he would stop trying to "fix" it.

He has created a beautiful dam further behind this culvert, but I guess like all living things, he can't stop wanting more.

We will continue to help him as long as we can.

MWT White

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  1. This is an amusing article. In Nevada we have marmounts, and they have big teeth but furry tails. Needless to say their dams are not as effective as the beaver cousin. I often wonder why God gave them the teeth but not the tails!


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