Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ABC Wednesday - B is for Bean Blossom

B is for Bean Blossom............

a pink string bean blossom

A couple of weeks ago, the green bean plants in the garden were filled with these pretty little blossoms.

Green beans are such quick growers, we have had two great meals of them already.

We staggered the planting over a couple of weeks to try to stretch the growing season of them out a bit longer.

We will get another meal, but I fear they have pretty much produced all they are going to for this year.

The few that will be left will be for the hungry gardener who loves to eat them raw - just picked from the plant - Me!

This is the seventh round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Yes - I need to get sorted with me veg growing!

    ABC Team

  2. And the BONUS of a pretty flower.

    On behalf of ABC Wednesday team, thanks for joining us! - ROG

  3. My beans are about spent, too, but I don't have enough room for succession planting. Oh, and I nibble out of the garden too! Been doing it since I was a kid, although, I got in trouble for it as a child. Now it is my garden, not my dad's, so I say: Munch Away!

  4. 'Bean Blossom' is a good B-word. Lovely photo. Thank you for signing up to follow my blog!
    Best wishes
    Anna's Red B-Words


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