Tuesday, August 26, 2008

After The Storm

After the Storm

storm clouds passing over the field

These passing storm clouds made the light really beautiful after they finished dropping their rain on us.

I will say though, nothing was too pretty about this powerful little storm as it was happening.

We made it into the house just as the huge summer raindrops began to fall. The computers were turned off once the thunder and lightening started - not taking any chances with them.

And it was a good thing we did - within ten minutes, the lightening struck the transformer down the road - and off went the power.

Thanks to my husband's good thinking, he had set up a diesel generator to cover these unexpected power outages.

His trusty kubota diesel generator has come in so handy over the years. It has kept us from freezing in the winter, and the freezers from thawing in the summer.

I can remember when we had it set up - the power company was right there inspecting everything out. We had to install a special switch so the power didn't run back into the lines and hurt the guys working on the transformer.

We have lived in the boonies for over 26 years now, and it has become an expected thing to loose our power when the snow falls a bit too heavily or the lightening flashes just a little too brightly.

I am most glad that we decided diesel generators were the best - ours has never let us down.

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