Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Rock Man

Rock Man

the form of a man created by rocks


  1. You need lots of patience to create cairns like that not to mention skills and a sense of balance.

  2. Hi Kathy. There's another word for such a pile of stones, but my memory went for a walk. Is it "dolmen?" I know a lot of ancient cultures used these to signify events and beliefs.

    Nice shot! I've never seen one near the water.

  3. Remember, after taking the pics, don't turn back or you will be turned into a stone too :)

  4. We have two of those on our property -- we call them "the sentinels." As Lynda mentioned above, I've never seen one near the water either. Very nice.

  5. I have seen several of these stone sculptures in China and Taiwan. They were huge. I always wonder how the people stack them up.

  6. This is real Rock Man photo. So cool, and so blue. Anna :)

  7. I feel quite drawn to this one....nice pic, Kathy! :)


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