Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

macro od bubles in a green glass globe

I was looking for a more traditional image to post for St Patrick's Day, but my portfolio seems to be lacking in that area.

I found the most green image I have for this day of the "wearing of the green".

It is a macro shot of a green colored glass ball that has bubbles of all sizes suspended in it.

It sits in my window and is most beautiful when the sunlight is coming through it.


  1. Good job, Kathy!

    I have two blown glass orbs that sit in my sunny window or on my dresser, but they consist of a variety of blues. I love ANY glass with light coming through it!

  2. Thanks, Lynda - I love all the colored glass too - doesn't matter what color either!

  3. When the sun shines, your room will be filled with green crystals..

  4. What a great photo, Kathy! At first, I thought it was bubbles in green've captured the bubbled glass beautifully!

  5. Love that shade of green. Does it cast green shafts of light when the sun hits it?

  6. Kathy, this is amazing photo. Sorry I missed it. Anna :)

  7. nice shot!
    not only the color, but the bubble give a sense of deepness.
    beautiful photo!


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