Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ABC Wednesday - J is for Jagged

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J is for Jagged .......

macro of a rock texture with jagged pattern

The surface texture of a rock is a very boring subject.

I like to take macros of them though, as they make nice backgrounds and are good sellers for stock.

I found this rock quite interesting as it was all black with a strip of white running though it - and no seams where they are joined.

Some powerful forces created this one many centuries ago, then placed this giant boulder along the ocean shore.

The stories they could tell!


  1. Very nice. I love rocks myself - I am always picking up interesting ones that catch my eye. My daughter has inherited this also - needless to say we have a lot of bowls and jugs sitting around with rocks we love!

  2. Very nice shot, good idea for "J".

  3. OUCH!
    When I saw the title of your blog I wondered if it would be something like this. This is precisely what I fell upon when out walking at the weekend. That jagged edge? It scraped the skin off my stomach. The bare red flesh exposed was very painful. Fortunately, all is sterile padded now and I am on anti-biotics. OUCH!

  4. Nice contrast between the two colors and textures. It's fun to search for these photo ops. You seem to have a knack for macros. :)

  5. I find rocks and its surfaces very interesting for photography. A change of angle, another lighting, another time of year - and you have a different picture.

    It is indeed "living history", but not centuries - millennia!

    A very good J.

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  7. I like rocks too but when you said "jagged edge" it made me think of a move by that name.

  8. This is a fantastic shot! I thought that it looked like a landscape.

  9. My dad was a rock hound and had a diamond saw to make jewelry from it. I love rocks too! That is a neat jagged edge! I also like your rock man below!

  10. Great shot Kathy, like the texture and contrast, and of course the macros shot.

  11. Kathy I actually don't find patterns boring. I always look for surprises. Very nice capture, and thanks for sharing, Anna :)

  12. there is a word I didn't think of....nice "J" post!!

  13. Terrific J post. I think that the rock design is awesome.

  14. I love the different patterns in rocks, though I agree that most are fairly boring.
    This one is beautiful, with subtle colours as well as the grey and white. It's a lovely shot.


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