Friday, July 27, 2007

Ocean Trip

We took a day trip to the ocean earlier this week. The weather was overcast and foggy when we headed out in the early morning. The drive takes over an hour, and it was even foggier when we arrived at the seacoast.

It started to clear up nicely right after lunch which worked out perfectly. The boys were able to pick up some bait for fishing and we settled down in Rye Harbor for a couple of hours.

Rye harbor breaker

It was low tide and the boys walked out on the breaker wall to fish for Shiners. I spent time on land with my camera. Surprisingly, the park and shore was pretty deserted for such a beautiful day, so I was able to shoot in any direction without disturbing anyone or waiting for them to move along.

I am in the process of finishing up the processing of some earlier photos taken this month, so there will be more images posted of this beautiful day as I get to them.

We all enjoyed this trip and came home with pictures, sunburns, and no fish - many nibbles though - they greedily chomped down the bait fish.

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  1. The sea and sky were made for photographers. Thanks


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