Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yellow Berries for Green Thumb Sunday

Yellow Berries for Green Thumb Sunday

yellow berries in the autumn

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Another shot from last fall's visit to the ocean.

I found tons of these yellow berries growing on a tree and there was nothing around eating them.

I was hoping at the time that it was because they were just not ripe enough yet.

Or perhaps they are just for decoration only.

I can just imagine how that tree is doing now - with the amount of berries it produces, it must be bursting with blossoms.

I don't foresee an ocean trip in the near future, so I won't get to see the flowers, but there is always another spring to catch them in their full glory.


  1. ahhhh, Kathy, just a beautiful berry shot...we were @ the beach was 88 degrees in Providence!!! Hope you do get to the ocean, sooner than later!!!

  2. You do such great close ups! great shot of the berries.

  3. Interesting close-ups, I like flowers the most Photography Art but I'm wondering now if I should do berries and fruits too.


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