Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Y is for Yikes!

Y is for Yikes!.............

a broken glass windshield on a car

This spiderweb of broken and shattered glass makes for a great abstract image.

While checking out the salvage cars for the upcoming auction, this windshield really stood out.

Most of the cars either had their glass intact or completely gone depending on the severity of the accident.

There are very few with this kind of damage.

This safety glass has a coating designed into it that helps to keep it intact should it get broke.

It is designed to hold its shape and act as a shield to protect the occupants.

The side window glass is designed to break into non-sharp cubes that is easily brushed off without fear of being cut.

Each step the auto designers take to ensure our safety is a plus for us consumers.

This is the third round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Yickes indeed. I hate to think what impact must have created this web...

  2. I wouldn't have been on the inside when that happened!

  3. Great shot!

  4. Well, yikes is putting it mildly with a windshield to look like that...!
    That was quite an impact for sure!!

  5. The things they do for our safety...nice shot....

  6. Hi Spacedlaw - I hear you - I stay away from the vehicles that look too bad. It's too sad and too risky to be around them.

  7. Hi Rune - I wouldn't either, and hopefully the safety shield did it's job.

  8. Hi Michele - Yes, a big impact, but it held, which is the good thing. Had it been a deer or such, the whole glass would have given away.

  9. Thats a fantastic shot!


  10. Super shot Kathy. I've seen my fair share of broken auto glass at the mall, stupid punk kids with nothing better to do.

  11. I bet you do Bob - and I bet you hate having to deal with it.

  12. Oh I say yikes too, I would hate to be entangled in it, lol. Excellent pic. Anna :)

  13. Well, who would have thought of a car salvage yard as a source for such an interesting photo! Great find, Kathy, and well done.


  14. Well Bobbie - I was desperate. I had to look at it in a new light and work with what was available. The photos were few that day.

  15. I wonder if it is possible to buy some of your photos to use them for canvas print, i.e. to put them on canvas myself rather than buying them already printed on canvas?


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