Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ABC Wednesday - E

E is for Engine.......

Truck engine damaged by fire

A truck engine that was damaged in a fire sits rusting in the auto salvage yard.

Melted wires and belts hang amid the fiberglass and metal remains of gears and parts.

This cropped view creates a unique abstract of shapes and patterns with a neutral color scheme.


  1. I love the engine, very interesting composition! Both of my blogs have their Es up!

  2. What an absolutely stunning shot! I had almost given up thinking of an 'E' and was prepared to snap my car engine - so glad I didn't now, it would have been embarrassing! This photograph is so interesting when you think of who has owned it, where it took them etc...superb!

  3. Brilliant! I love the tight crop, it almost looks like a piece of modern art.

  4. Nice photography. I added you to my blogroll also. :)

  5. I love the engine color that matches with your background. I have not thought of 'Engine', what a great idea to go with 'E'

  6. Did you purposely go to a junk yard to get that shot? It's beautifully done - and perfect for today.

  7. Annie,

    No, my husband works with insurance salvage vehicles, and I just happened to be with him that day. It was interesting to say the least, but dangerous also as there are wrecked cars and broken glass all over the place.

  8. Wonderful shot. It was even better viewed large. Happy ABC Wednesday.

  9. cool post, love the engine photo - looks so complicated. anna :)

  10. I wouldn't even think of taking a picture of an engine. But it shows that most people overlook a lot of things that are actually worth looking at. Or taking a picture of ;-)


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