Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bracketing Exposures

I have been experimenting on many of my images these days. I have been bracketing my exposures just so I can study the differences in the lighting.

Macro of fern fronds

I have been finding that when using a wider angle or shooting landscape photography, I need to keep the exposure right on because if I push the exposure compensation up, then the image is too washed out.

Pushing it up on a macro or closer image seems to work really well. The image is not as dark, and more of the details are visible. I believe it also cuts down on the noise that is produced when there are a lot of darker tones. I have noticed though, that the background tends to be over exposed on these images.

I have also been paying attention to the histogram of the image and how it changes on these bracketed exposures. Sometimes it is really tough to keep those hills and valleys from going to extremes or shifting too far to one side.

It is a good feeling when an image is captured right on - technically as well as composition wise. Sometimes you only get one image out of every hundred that is worth keeping - but that is the beauty of using a digital camera - no extra money spent on wasted film and photo processing labs.


  1. Very nice close ups, so sharp. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  2. I am aiming to be more technically aware with my day! Till then it's the good old "Automatic" setting! LOL!

    Do you fancy joining our ABC Wednesday?


  3. Fantastic blog and great photos!!! I appreciate your detailed descriptions of your work.



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