Monday, July 21, 2008

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

receding waves along the sandy shore

I can remember spending many hours at the beach as a youngster. The most fun was spent in the water - running and playing in the waves as they splashed ashore.

We would watch as they began to form farther out, and we would wait for a big one to come along. Then we would catch a ride on it before it began to crest and eventually break and crash along the shore.

Last summer when we visited the beach, we saw some teens being pulled by Ronix wakeboards behind the back of a boat. When they were done being pulled, they would ride the board into shore. We would have loved to do that when we were young!

We checked out a couple of their boards, and were surprised to find them really lightweight and well constructed. They told us their unique shape and ridges really gave a smooth, fun ride.

If only we were thirty years younger!


  1. I love this photo of the beach where the ocean waves are rushing gently to the shores. Like you, I spent hours at the beach when I was younger. I go to the beach back then like almost every other weekend.

  2. If only we ALL were thirty years younger!! I look at kids doing things like wake-boarding these days and think, "Yes, it was nice to be young."


  3. Even though there are things I can't/won't do now that I'd have done in a second 20 years ago........I wouldn't give up my knowledge for youth.
    The photos you take and share with us show the wisdom of time, it shows and reminds us of what beauty really is if we really look at something.

  4. C'mon - what has age to do with having fun? As long as you can walk why don't you try what you would like to do? The limit only exists in your head....

    Cordially, Petra


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