Saturday, August 20, 2011

Low Tide

Low Tide

a lone tree against the rocks at the ocean

The tide was low when we arrived.

So we took a walk and ate lunch as we watched it come in.

By the time we were in that ocean water, the tide was close to high - covering the rocks and seaweed.

Swimming in the ocean in our wetsuits was all I hoped it was going to be.

We snorkeled around the rocks, but it was so hard to get "under" the water as the wetsuit made us extra buoyant.

That wetsuit is something else - you feel the water creeping in from the bottom up, and it is some chilly.

But once it is in there, it warms up to your body temp and you don't feel the water outside.

And when you leave the water, you feel it creep down as it drains out.

I will say, it was a hot, humid day, and putting that wetsuit on was a trip and a half.

Skin tight is not the word for it, and it doesn't slide on.  It protests with every pull.

Once on, getting in the water quickly is important before you pass out from heat exertion.

I am so anxious for our next ocean swim - I really loved it.

I still can't wait!

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