Sunday, May 15, 2011

A New Camera

A New Camera

magnifying glass macro

I have been doing my homework.

Time spent searching and researching online.

For the best prices and the best features from the best seller.

I knew exactly which model I wanted - body only - I already have the lenses I need.

There aren't many sold that way.

But I ran across a deal, with a rebate, and I placed the order on Friday.

I have been waiting anxiously all weekend for the shipping and tracking info - hopefully tomorrow that email will arrive.

More details later - needless to say - I am so excited!!


  1. Kathy, will that be Canon 7D, lol?
    Good luck, I am sure you will find the right camera and right price, but then it is worth it. Anna :)

  2. I'm glad you're going to buy a new camera. Yesterday I bought a wide angle lens for my canon (10-20 efs U sim), formidable. But it costs more than my camera;)

  3. Hi Anna - good to see you! No, not the Canon - but it should arrive tomorrow and I will post about it!

    Take care, Kathy

  4. Hi Funky - that is a very wide lens! I too have one that cost more than my camera, even this new one! Have fun with your new lens!


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