Friday, October 29, 2010

Crow Watching a Rainbow

Crow Watching a Rainbow

a crow watching a rainbow during a summer storm

In a previous post, I had mentioned there was another viewer admiring the rainbow as we were during a summer storm.

He is hard to see - my lens would only zoom in so close, and one reader, Kay in Alberta, mentioned she thought she could see a bird on the right.

She is correct - a crow was sitting at the very top of a tree in the pouring rain.

He seemed to be admiring the view - I wonder what was running through his mind - if they saw things the same way we do.

He must have enjoyed it though because it was raining really hard, and he was the only one we could see that was getting soaked.

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  1. This photo brings a big smile to my face.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. This is a wonderful photo opportunity!

  3. Very cool. It,s like a painting. I like its natural simplicity. May you follow me? I also noticed that you have an Etsy, so I friended you on there as well. I found you through entrecard.


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