Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloom of a Chive Plant

Bloom of a Chive Plant

bloom of a chive plant

These chives have been coming back every year in my garden.

I planted them over 26 years ago, and they have bloomed and thrived each year.

My kids named them "onion grass" and they used to love to grab a piece whenever they walked by them.

And they still do now that they are grown.

My daughter introduced her husband to onion grass just this past spring as he had never tasted it before.

I use them dried in many things that I cook - they have such a delicate flavor and add just the right amount onion taste in some dishes.

I just recently read that it has insect repelling properties, so planting them in a vegetable garden would be beneficial.

And their blooms are so pretty to look at too.


  1. We have a patch of chives that we planted a couple of years ago. At first we thought it had died off, but this year it's stronger than ever. It's in bloom at the moment and looks really pretty.

    I didn't know they help repel insects. That's an added bonus :-)

  2. I love my Clive plants...been growing them for years. I like to add the blossoms to salads.

    Nice photo of the bloom. Would be great hanging in a kitchen.

  3. Agreed, Kathy, their blooms are SO pretty...great story about the flowering chives..:))


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