Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fishing in the Harbor

Fishing in the Harbor

A boy fishing on the rocks and a fishing boat in the harbor

The photo I posted yesterday is a view from under the structure that is out on the end of this breaker wall.

As I said, I don't get out there too often - the walk is intimidating at times.

But my boys love to go out to the end and do some fishing.

I sat on the shore, and just waited for my son to take another cast with his rod.

See the darkness that goes halfway up the rocks - that's the high tide mark.

So quite a bit of this wall is under the water - and it rushes in between those rocks all the time with a vengeance.

We have been there on days when the wind and surf is so wild that it is flying over the top of that wall like it wasn't even there.

That's what I think of when I am walking out too far on those rocks, and the wimp in me wins out.

And I sit down on whatever rock I am on.

And when I get brave again, I hightail it off them in a hurry.

Someday I will get out to the end again - I have a new lens I would love to experiment with out there.


  1. Kathy that photo reminded me waves on the ocean when I visited Italy, you should see what kind of wimp I was, lol. Excellent image, refreshing. Anna :)

  2. I would no doubt sit down earlier than you would, Kathy! I'm also afraid of heights, so flying is off-putting to me.

    But you must get out there with your new lens. Did you ever think of taking or wearing a life-vest, just in case? lol...

  3. You are so smart to be respectful of wind, waves and tides when walking on rocks near the shoreline.

    You did a good job of catching your son's cast at just the right moment.

  4. I also would sit right down....I am not a swimmer and my camera is scared of water!
    It is a wild looking spot....


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