Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thin Ice Forming - My World

Thin Ice Forming - My World

moon rising over the power plant in the summer

I stumbled upon an interesting meme while visiting a new blog, and I decided I would give it a try.

My World, Tuesday is the name of the community, and it takes us all over the globe.

My contribution for this first post was taken late last autumn.

Thin ice was just forming over the lake, but the reflection was still just as beautiful in the late afternoon sunlight.

MWT White


  1. Beautiful shot and what a lovely place! Love the reflections!



  2. Welcome to My World Tuesday! Beautiful photo. I just had my first visit to New Hampshire over the weekend. Just as enchanting as your picture shows!

  3. I just love "pure reflection" images and this one is just beautiful! Such still water shows every detail.

  4. Love the reflection. I couldn't tell that there was thin ice forming on the lake.

  5. Tranquil and beautiful. I live in Africa and I can hardly imagine the ice forming over the lake. Not much ice here! However, I was once an exchange student in the US and I saw the lake on the border of Canada freeze right over. In this part of the world it is spring!

  6. A lovely shot of a nature scene. Mine looks almost the same though I´m on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean ;-)

  7. Nice photo! Love the reflection on the water.. :)


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